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First off, well said Locmommy. However, I’m not sure I completely agree with your description of me as being “hot-headed”. Passionate…extremely passionate…very very passionate. Maybe a little. In my defense, all I said to the ref was “Sir. I respectfully disagree with your call but I know you are doing your worst, so I graciously reject your assertions that you’re competent.” Not sure why I got 2 technical fouls back to back but can’t change it now. You live and you learn.

The passion that I saw displayed delighted me. Not because of the threat of violence (as you are just not.  You’re not about that life, it’s cute though, but just not you.) but because of what it represented to me. I saw you step outside of yourself. Yes, it was probably not the best control of your emotions but what I saw was authenticity.

Too many times we focus on ourselves. We’re quick to defend ourselves. We search for our own happiness. We focus so much on “me” that we forget there’s others. In this cult of me, we surround ourselves with other people who focus on themselves and confirm to us that “me” is most important. At that point (for example…from personal experience), we begin to excuse those things that should never be excused. We stand silent when our male friends call women (any woman) “b**ches” so as not to make things awkward, we excuse behavior in our friends that is disrespectful and hurtful to their family and spouses, we put ourselves in situations we have no right being in, we surround ourselves with people who excuse our bad behavior and give us reasons to justify it, and we blame all things negative (especially those things we cause) on everyone but ourselves. But to make sure that we are seen as good people, we tout nonsense causes that do nothing more than hurt people and ignore the real experiences of our neighbors. We feign passion for causes that are divisive in nature and discriminatory in practice.

I regretted telling you about that guy who called me to complain about you voicing your opinion because you went silent. You told me you went silent because you had nothing else to say. I don’t believe you. You went silent and that hurt. You forgot about yourself, you started focusing on others, and it appeared that when opposition came…you went silent. I was as kind to that guy as Jesus was to the tax collectors but it seemed to me like that didn’t matter. However…

Mama Grizzly Bear Locmommy woke up (haven’t heard from him again after you left that message). When you left the cult of “me” behind, you showed me once again what it was that I’ve always loved about you. You didn’t think about yourself. All you thought about was me. Funny enough in that moment, all I could think about (and everyone else on the team could think about) was you. We can’t be afraid to stand for what is just and moral. It’s surprising that when we focus on taking care of “our” world, our world takes care of us. We need more people willing to step out of themselves. Even if you have no dog in the fight…you are human. That should be enough. We need more people like that. We need more people who care more about others than they care about themselves. We need people who strive to be authentic in their words and actions. If our society could learn to be as protective of each other as grizzly bears are about their cubs, any cubs, we would be so much better off. Like Locmommy said, there are a lot of wounds that will need to be healed in the very near future. What an awesome opportunity to stand for each other. I wonder if we’re capable of doing that.